March 12, 2016

January 30, 2016

October 27, 2015


Silkscreen prints made by Atelier Arcane for the MOD exhibition.
40 x 50 cms on Rives tradition 320 gr.
50 ex. each signed and numbered by the artist.

Keep the Faith / RCF1

October 27, 2014


Some of my favourite 7" vinyls from my record box. I love to play them but I'm crazy about the label designs as well so I used some of them as a base for the forecoming work. Visible amongst other canvases from me and QUIK from October 31 to December 6th.
Green Flowers Art Gallery at Tough Cookie Shop
40 rue de Meudon 92100 Boulogne M° Marcel Sembat
7/7 10am to 11p. 

 "Love me one more time" Mixed techniques on canvas, 60X60 cms. RCF1 2014

Jean Moderne / RCF1, Green Flowers Gallery at Tough Cookie shop 2014

October 18, 2014


New mural near Paris in a autism daycare building.
Truly hoping this would help the kids in a way.

Jean Moderne RCF1 2014

Jean Moderne RCF1 2014

Jean Moderne RCF1 2014

Jean Moderne RCF1 2014

Jean Moderne RCF1 2014

Jean Moderne RCF1 2014

August 13, 2014


The PST mural. Digbeth, Birmingham. Photo: Monika Olichwier 2014
HOAKSER painting the PST mural. Digbeth, Birmingham 2014
I had the privilege this summer to be invited by Tessa from Brum Spirit to paint the legendary PST club in the district of Digbeth, Birmingham, supported by Arts Council England. Twenty years after my first coming in Brum for the Blueprint festival in Sellyoak along the likes of MODE2, JON1, SHEONE or A-ONE (RIP), I was finally back to the famous Custard Factory.
Digbeth is a post-industrial area that looks exactly like the one I was raised near Paris, deserted brick warehouses where people like Pecker, Spector & Jake have established a long time tradition of underground jamaïcan sound-systems in the abandoned premises.

People Standing Together: RCF1 and PST founder Pecker Don. Digbeth, Birmingham 2014

Today the venue is aboveground and standing as a crucial cultures mix place. Tessa took care that me and local graffiti artist HOAKSER respected the colour scheme of red, green and gold requested by PST for its jamaïcan roots. Tho we hardly have planned any sketch before, we just got along on the wall in the proper graffiti style of improvisation, HOAKSER representing the Drum'n'Bass/Jungle stuff when I opted for the Two-Tone inspired checkered loafers and speakers. Rudie Can't Fail!
PST: 71 Lombard Street, B12 Birmingham

RCF1 and HOAKSER, PST mural. Digbeth, Birmingham 2014
"Shall we do more checkers?"

RCF1 and HOAKSER, PST mural. Digbeth, Birmingham 2014

July 16, 2014


New canvases can be seen this month at Pure Evil Department Store, 104 Leonard Street, London EC2A.
And no, my Lammie is not for sale.

Jean Moderne/RCF1 London 2014
"Roundels" RCF1 / Jean Moderne 2014

July 3, 2014


London based Lambretta specialist Scooter Surgery commissioned me to paint a mural for their Hammersmith shop and we agreed on not going too obvious with some tuned SX200 but rather show LUI, TV175 and Model D scooters.
It is such a great time working in an environment filled with wonderful Lammies into the legendary The Who homebase Sheperd's Bush area, two minutes away from Quadrophenia locations such as Cooke's Pie and Mash or Sheperd's Bush Market.

RCF1 Scooter Surgery London 2014

RCF1 Scooter Surgery London 2014
RCF1 Scooter Surgery London 2014

May 30, 2014

April 25, 2014

January 30, 2014


Save the date: Thursday March 20:
'70 artists for the autists' charity auction sale at Artcurial Paris.
(Photos: JB Guiton)

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70 Artistes pour les autistes 2014
Jean Moderne/RCF1 'Record box'
Jean Moderne/RCF1 'Record box' 2014. Photo: JB Guiton

December 18, 2013


Matière Grise: Paris Nord 1986-2013 

New book by MANK about the graffiti heydays on my favourite train ever: The North Paris greys wich were retired from traffic January 2013.

Sold exclusively trough All City Online.

November 15, 2013


''Take you home'' 90X90cms RCF1/Jean Moderne 2013

Pure Evil Art Department Store 
96/98 Leonard street
London EC2A 4XS