March 13, 2011


On thursday 10th of march, I was proposed to paint a backdrop live into the hall of a major bank company building in La Défense, the Paris business center. 

RCF1 in La Défense tunnels 1990. Frank Carpentier

I actually grew up around that area. Down the hill, from the social mansions between the closing motor factories, the raising skyscrapers up the hill seemed to acclaim the victory of a business world where people like me could definitely not find a place. Guess that's part of the reasons I felt like doing graffiti around, exploring the tunnels at night, crawling throught the air vents, anything to visually assault the glass fortress. 
La Défense train station remains in my eyes the biggest Paris graffiti hall of fame of the 8T's. You have to take many risks to paint front of the platform so the next morning white collars have nothing to look at but your name in bright colors while waiting for their train. Little boy revenge. Painting there always made more sense to me than any deserted location in suburbia, all those fierce pieces by FBI crew, SINO, SECT, SERO, SLEEZ, KRUZ to name a few... You had to developp your style to compete with those great names. Of course the ultimate kick is to paint on the train itself. 

 Twenty years later, guess I made my way as an artist, the heads at Société Générale bank company, who already run a big contemporary art department as donators, wish to see "street art" enter their walls for Art Day and I'm on top of the list, many thanks to Le M.U.R association who organized the event. 

So here it is, now I'm in.
Painting front of more than 10.000 employees who deal with your money at CAC40 or something. Some of them already know my work and ask for news. Some take their kids who are fans of my graffs... I draw them an outline during a pause, touched.
Twenty years later I wonder if I have changed that much or if the world around did. I still can't handle a relationship with girlfriends, but at least my style is recognized beyond vandalism.


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