April 11, 2011


From 19th to 28th March I was invited in Argentina to paint a huge wall.
Jean Moderne/RCF1 Buenos Aires 2011

For two years my work  has appeared in a booklet that french embassies use as a repertoire for cultural events around the world and my name has been chosen amongst other artists to paint for Noche En Vela in Buenos Aires, the equivalent of Nuit Blanche in Paris (In early autumn artistic events take place in different parts of the city all night long).

Jean Moderne/RCF1 Baracas wall, Buenos Aires 2011

I've learnt painting from spraying my name all over the city, now this is part of french savoir-faire that represents Paris around the world. I had never travelled to south America before, and I can't speak any spanish. Fortunately my friend SPHER happened to be in Buenos Aires at the same period. As he never had an opportunity to paint in his motherland before I suggested him to also get his name up on the 40 meters long wall.
More pics on my lovely assistant BLOG .

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