May 25, 2012


Jean Moderne/RCF1 Macaé UTE Norte Fluminense 2012

The UTE Norte Fluminense is a power plant in Macaé (Brasil) whose directorPhilippe Quenet, is  an avant-garde art fan who asked different artists to paint on its walls.

Amongst artists like BIG & MENT, Speedy Graphito and others I had the honour to choose one of the four massive electric transformers concrete walls with a total freedom of expression.

Jean Moderne/RCF1 2012

Jean Moderne/RCF1 2012

Jean Moderne/RCF1 2012

Jean Moderne/RCF1 2012

Many thanks to Edilson whose technical support was priceless, as I decided to paint without any sketch but a very small sheet of paper for the Electric Goddess. I never considered using a retro-projector in the making as I feel that the result would lack the "soul" of a proper off-the-cuff created design.
Photos by Clarissa Pivetta

Jean Moderne/RCF1 Macaé UTE Norte Fluminense 2012

Clarissa Pivetta documentary: "USINA":

USINA from Arissas Multimídia on Vimeo.

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