August 10, 2013


RCF1 'Born in the street' at Fondation Cartier 2009. Photo: Marie Neubauer

More and more people asking me questions about this blog/site Mod inspired banner, this post will for once look a bit back in time.

RCF1 'Born in the street' at Fondation Cartier 2009.
Spring 2009. After being asked by the Cartier Foundation team preparing the massive street-art exhibition that was to come, I had to think about the best way to show artwork in a space where people need to pay to see it.
French artist and friend Jean Faucheur then came up with the best and most relevant idea to display our work.
The eight by three meters painted paper poster remained shown in the foundation main hall for three weeks before it was sent back to the city, pasted up on a Oberkampf street wall for three more weeks before the next poster would then cover it.
So no, this is not a canvas and no, it doesn't exist anymore. Yes, it's Quadrophenia Jimmy Cooper on a Lambretta.

Thom-Thom from Le M.U.R association is the paste-up King.

RCF1 'Back to the street' rue Oberkampf 2009. Photo by Lectrics

Bonus: Designing the sword-in-fist for SEEN 'Hand of Doom" 40th anniversary mural at the Cartier Foundation 2009

Photo: Marie Neubauer
RCF1 / SEEN "Hand of Doom' 2009"

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